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Rock in Sand

Trainings, Classes & Workshops

Reiki & Energy Trainings


If you are interested in training in Reiki and other Energy techniques please contact me for more information. 

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Divine Flow & Creativity


In a small group or 1-1 we will spend time gently flowing with the movement of our body and minds. In this workshop we will weave between meditations and the creative movements of art, dance, and word. Get ready to unleash the power of your inner-child and all knowing sage!



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"Divine Self" Soul Discovery Collaging

Making Paper Craft Art

Gather 1-1 or in a small group and connect more deeply with your Divine Self though art and exploration of the subconscious. See what your higher-self, dreams, or guides might be wanting to share with you!

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Transforming Through Your Story


This workshop ​helps us uncover the power of story and our beliefs. Re-write your story as you discover or re-discover your inner Heroine/Hero and the magnificent adventure you are on.

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Spiritual awakening is becoming awake to the aliveness of this moment. 
                              - Eckhart Tolle

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