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My Story

I came into this lifetime with a well of rich emotions, deep empathy and big questions. I often found that my wild feeling and big questions did not fit easily into the world I was living in. As I continued navigating my life’s journey, I often times found myself taking the roads less traveled, and even wondering into the wilds of the unknown.  


I have been shaped by moments of elated joy, deep sorrow, loss, confusion, curiosity, bewilderment, pain and wonder. From the moments that were extraordinary to the most mundane, the whole spectrum of experience within this Everyday Sacred Mystery, is a part of this mystical journey we are on. 

I studied in an apprenticeship with an amazingly teacher and become certified as a Reiki Master Teacher.  I later completed my certification as an Interfaith Spiritual Director. Another important and meaningful part of my spiritual life has been my formal practice of Zen Buddhism. 


I have learned that life is unpredictable at times. This Mystery is so much bigger and grander than we can even imagine. I have learned that compassion and Love are my greatest guides. Grief and adversity are some of my greatest teachers.



My Approach

My offerings and techniques are influenced by my life experiences, studies, trainings, and passions. I have been influenced by my Buddhist and Interfaith practices and formal trainings, as well as by my deep curiosity for metaphysics, and a personal passion for psychology especially relating to somatic and embodiment practices, as well as the effects of trauma. 


I believe that we each have a treasure map inside of us longing to be explored. I believe each of us has a unique map that ultimately only we hold discover. In my work I aspire to empower others to rediscover the vast wisdom they hold within, through listening deeply, reflecting back, and curiously exploring together the terrains of this everyday Sacred life.

I have several different kinds of offerings to support others on their journey, however I find that my work is completely unique to any individual I sit with in sacred space. My hope is to offer an open, safe, compassionate place where others can come to remove their masks and armor to feel truly seen and heard in their raw authenticity. May this space provide you with room to heal, grow and deepen into your wholeness. I honor your journey as together we explore the unfolding of this Everyday Sacred Mystery. 

"Through LOVE, all pain will turn to medicine."
                                    ⎼ Rumi
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