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  • Interfaith/Inter-Spiritual Direction

  • Trauma Informed Spiritual Care

  • Reiki & Intuitive Energy Sessions

  • Spiritual & Life Path Coaching

  • Psychedelic Integration Support

  • Workshops & Classes

  • Spiritual Community

Everyday Sacred Mystery

A Warm Welcome!

      Joyful greetings Beloveds!  My name is Allyssa Jomei.  I am a Certified Interfaith/Inter-Spiritual Director, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and an Empathic Energy Intuitive.  My special interest areas include Trauma Informed Care, Psychedelic Integration & Support, Spiritual Rediscovery and Neurodiversiy.  I am passionate about empowering, supporting and inspiring others as they explore and grow in their spirituality and humanity.  I believe having a nourishing spiritual life and practice brings us back to the Sacredness of everyday life.

      Together, we can explore and integrate the joyful, mystical and challenging experiences that arise along the Path.  I am a fellow traveler and companion, navigating the terrain of this very human and divine journey.  I honor your wise soul and Wisdom's unfolding.

Blessings & Love 

Allyssa J Jomei


“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

Feather 4

— John Muir



"Allyssa is a great listener and conversationalist.  I felt a shift from feeling stuck to feeling curious and happy about the complexities of spiritual faith and practice.  Allyssa knows many spiritual paths and helps you to accept and navigate their differences.  At the end of our session I felt more peaceful and confident on who I was as a spiritual being."

– K.B.

"I'd like to thank Allyssa for her beautiful work.  I had two reiki readings from her and both were very intuitive and on point!  She definitely provided me with guidance and direction in my life and she is a beautiful soul!"

– L.N.

"My reading from Allyssa was amazing! It felt more than just a reading, it was definitely a moving experience.  Her positive and loving energy made me feel comfortable and safe. She spent a lot of time on each card and answered any questions that I had during the reading. Her insight resonated with me, and by the end I felt a great anticipation for my path moving forward."


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